Our experienced surveyors accurately measure a series of points and take digital photographs of the area to be recorded then, based on the measured points, the photographs are ‘rectified’ and stitched together to form a complete co-ordinately correct image.
KINGS produce a co-ordinately correct photographic image which combines the accuracy of an elevation with the detail and visual impact of a photograph
FRANKLIN MEMORIAL FRANKLIN MEMORIAL Using Digital Photgrammetry we are able to process information from photographs to achieve accurately scaled 3D models of all types of architectural structures, pipework and inaccessible plant areas.
The SISCAM software we use, exports images in TIFF and JPEG format and can be read by all AutoCAD compatible Cads. Digital data is available in either 2D or 3D to a variety of industry standard formats including AutoCAD, DXF. ST MARYS ABBEY WEST MALLING